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July 26, 2014 / makingitmamastyle

Two Years.

It has been a solid two years since I have touched this blog. Two years!

A lot has changed in two years. A lot about me has changed in the last two years. I had a(nother) baby. Had a(nother) miscarriage. I chopped my hair off. Traveled to another country- twice. I breastfed a baby for the longest amount of time in my mothering career. I agreed to (and actually pushed for) hosting a foreign exchange student. I had a mammogram. I adopted a Great Dane. I (we) decided I won’t again personally experience the miraculous power of pregnancy and childbirth. I became a lot less organized.

I started posting on my MakingItMamaStyle facebook page again recently as a way of promoting some projects and paintings I’ve been working on. I forgot that new followers would be directed to this blog until I suddenly started getting feedback that people “loved my blog!”  I had forgotten about it, to be honest. I decided to read through a bit of my own writing, and then I knew. I was SuperMom then.

(Stuffed acorn squash? What does that even mean?)

I find myself in survival mode quite a bit these days and I don’t want anyone thinking it’s all sunshine and roses (and stuffed squash) around here. It’s chaotic and loud and unorganized, and I’m ok with that. Most of the time.

Dinners are not blog-worthy anymore. Tonight my family ate Tuna Helper.

I did all of the laundry in the house a few days ago. It has been piled in baskets (unfolded) ever since.

I also went on a long walk, did a craft with Livy, worked on puzzles with Ryan, and played chase with Cal.

Yes, a lot has changed in two years.



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