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November 28, 2011 / makingitmamastyle

Turkey Day Tales

I barely managed to drag my booty out of bed this morning, wishing instead I could snuggle into the warm cocoon of blankets all. day. long.  But alas, the very loud, very insistent holler of “MORE!!!  MORE THIS!!!” from my one year old shook me from my sheets to fetch the poor boy a drink. It had been a whole 9 hours since his thirst was last quenched, after all. He was obviously extremely parched.

Back to the real world, I suppose, but not before reliving the deliciousness that was Thanksgiving:

First up, we had a feast at Livy’s school, complete with a short Thanksgiving program:

A quick prayer to start things off. Hmmmm.. one of these kids is not like the others….

Steph helped me prep the Thanksgiving dinner decorations and we put together a pretty good show, if I do say so myself! We used mason jars as glasses, turkey coloring pages were taped on the kids’ table, and leaves strung with clear thread floated down from the light fixture overhead.

 We had a great time catching up before lunch was served (by the way, it’s a BOY for Adam and Jen!).

Then, like vultures swooping down for a carnivorous bite, everyone crowded in on me in the kitchen, waiting with baited breath for dinner to be served. It’s like they were hungry or something. Creepy.

I took my warning to get it in gear and got food on the table in a jiffy.

 We had a really fun time, the food was all delicious and we even saved a little room for dessert. Ok, really we didn’t save any room at all, but we ate dessert none the less.

I just love my family. I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours and maybe even included a choke hold or two of love!

So many things to catch up on here in blog land. Watch for these posts in the coming days:

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  • “I Want THAT!” (How to Combat the Christmas Crazies.)

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