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October 18, 2011 / makingitmamastyle

Andrew’s Big Time Birthday

As you may know (but probably don’t), Andrew’s birthday was Sunday. 

(Side note: This post is bringing serious flashbacks of my last birthday. Must read.)

To celebrate, I planned a little shindig for our friends. Ok, I’ll be honest, Andrew told me exactly what to plan, who (whom? I’ll never know) to invite, and when it would be.  Hey, that’s ok with me!  It’s hard to mess up a party for someone when they tell you exactly what they want!

The evening was grand. We started with appetizers and drinks at our house and then moseyed on down to The Peanut and spent the evening gathered around a table, talking, laughing, having a great time.

The birthday was shaping up to be superb. Upon waking Sunday morning, we had breakfast and made it to church on time. The kids were in Sunday school, music was jiving, things were great.

You have a sixth sense when you’re a mom. It’s not so much of a sixth sense as it is an accentuated sense. A special power, perhaps. See, when you’re a mom, you can smell poop from a mile away. Yep, it’s powerful.  Very. Powerful.

As I’m suddenly realizing a funny smell wafting in, Ryan’s teacher comes toward us, carrying him with arms extended, you know, to keep him as far from her body as possible.  Understandably. The kid had exploded. You know what I mean.

That was round one of the birthday surprises.

We took our naked child home and got everyone down for nap, even snagging some shut eye for ourselves. SCORE!

Speaking of score, we woke up 15 minutes late for Livy’s soccer game. Not a big deal, unless your husband is the coach. We raced out the door, then back in the door upon realizing we forgot Livy’s pink team shirt. A crazed search found it in the washing machine. Wet.

Our drive to soccer looked something like this:

Andrew drove like a bat out of hell while I held the neon pink shirt out my window, hoping the high speeds would dry it enough for wear upon arrival. I can’t say I didn’t feel a little silly, but Andrew rescued my confidence by explaining everyone would assume I was just doing my part for October’s breast cancer awareness campaign. 

Our fashionably late arrival went over well and Ryan and I took our place on the sideline to cheer. Here’s where it all went awry.

The girls who aren’t on the field sit behind the goal while waiting for their turn to play. What’s the worst that could happen behind the goal, you ask? You’ll never guess.


Yes, as in pepper spray.

You see, a fellow parent was recording the game and just so happened to get this incident on video, completely unaware at the time. A coach’s keychain bearing mace had been left behind said goal.  The girls found it and started spraying the mace on each other, pretending it was sunscreen. Spraying away, rubbing it in, basking in the glory of this pretend-motherhood moment. The joy ended as suddenly as it began, however, when the mace hit the eyes. Screaming ensued and after a short investigation, the parents figured out the problem.

A bottle of baby shampoo (incase this happens to you, do not use water to ease the pain) and lots of tears later, the girls were calm enough to eat a s’mores cupcake.

Steph, being the awesome sister-in-law that she is, brought cupcakes for the girls to celebrate “Coach Andrew’s” birthday. After they were distributed I hear, “NO!!! Do NOT eat that!” and look over to see a mom yanking the almost-bitten cupcake from her son’s hand, just in time. She tersely explained her son’s severe wheat allergy and I took that as our exit to leave the soccer fields. Enough excitement for one day.

I thought.

You know Garozzo’s gives you free Spiedini on your birthday, right? Little more could save the day than free Chicken Spiedini with my entire family to celebrate the fall birthdays. We ate, talked, ate, and laughed at the kids’ latest crazy antics.

Crazy antics, indeed. My brother and I were oohing and aahing over Ryan, who was sitting between us on Andrew’s lap, when suddenly, oh so suddenly, a fountain of Chicken Speidini came out of that cute baby mouth.  Like a volcano.

 Just the right touch to end the birthday celebration on the perfect note.

The day went completely unplanned. Suffice it to say that next to nothing went well. But it’s ok, because this is a birthday we won’t soon forget. In fact, these are the memories we live for. It means we have children, and that’s an excellent thing.


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