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November 18, 2011 / makingitmamastyle

Part II: The First Five Years

Five years: a mere drop in the bucket, yet packed with a lifetime of memories.

Having married at the tender age of 21 (don’t get any ideas, Livy), Andrew and I have not been without our ups and downs during our young first years. (Read Part I: I Thought I Loved You Then)

Living in Springfield at the time, Andrew began his teaching career while I worked toward finishing college. Living our day-to-day with hardly a care in the world, our lives changed upon realizing I was pregnant with our first baby. Excited, scared and nervous as we were to be parents, words cannot express the pain of the silent sorrow endured when our sweet baby didn’t survive gestation.

Stumbling along the path of healing, we became pregnant again not long after the first. Unable to keep down even a sip of water, I lost weight in the pregnancy until week 20, when I finally tipped the scale one pound to the positive and found out we were having a girl. 

Around the time I was able to function again without the round-the-clock sickness, we made the decision that Andrew would leave teaching and start a soccer franchise in Springfield.

Andrew plugged away at his franchise, soon finding success at great speed. His quick progress landed him an offer we couldn’t refuse and three days after Livy was born, we packed our few belongings and moved “home,” to KC.

Thrown into a world I wasn’t prepared for and without the support of friends in the same life-stage, I’m sorry to say those first few months after Liv’s birth were nothing short of terrible.  Postpartum depression reared its ugly head as I spent my days feeling sad, lost, confused, and worthless.

Andrew stayed by my side and pushed me into opportunities I would have never stepped near on my own. His pushing eventually pulled me out of my hole and life became brighter, happier and more hopeful once again.

Life began moving too fast as Livy grew from newborn to toddler in the blink of an eye.

In August of 2009, we bought our first house, complete with a money-pit pool that Andrew loves so dearly and I lose sleep over every night.

Around Livy’s 2nd birthday, we announced our big news:

and welcomed Ryan Bryce into the world in September, 2010

Life with two kids has added so much love, joy, loudness and messiness to our family and we love every minute of it.  There are sleepless nights, worrisome fevers, ruined walls and lost remotes, but there are also crazy dance parties, bedtime prayers, slobbery kisses, and endless giggles.

Ryan’s first year has proven to be indescribably ornerier than Livy’s:

But none-the-less, they both make our lives complete in the most fulfilling of ways.

and so, I eagerly await the next five years with anticipation and excitement, but constantly remind myself to enjoy each day and the experiences it brings. All too soon, the constant showering of  love tokens such as this will be distant memories of a time long ago:



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  1. Mom / Nov 21 2011 10:51 am

    Another tear jerker???

  2. Stephanie Norgren / Dec 22 2011 2:34 pm

    Love this so much… you had me tearing up

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