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November 16, 2011 / makingitmamastyle

Refill Your Swiffer!

You’ve experienced that whole “joke’s on you” thing, right?

For example, the other day, I relentlessly tried to unlock the car in the parking lot. I glanced up to see a staring fellow shopper approaching and thought, “Oh, come on, stop staring. Like you’ve never been able to unlock your car before.” As she approached, I couldn’t help but wonder why in the world she was was being such a creaper. “Divert your eyes, lady!”  Then, so quickly and unexpectedly, the joke was on me. The words “I don’t think this is your car” came out of her mouth and I realized, once again,  I am so awesome.

My Swiffer Wet Jet has provided several “joke’s on you” moments over the years. I twist and turn with all my might to get that darn cap off and refill the bottle on my own, but always it’s to no avail.

Until now.


1. Put a pot of water on to boil.

2. Check yo’self because you’re about to rock it!

3. When the water is steaming, hold the empty swiffer bottle upside down in the water.

4. Using a towel, twist the cap off.

5. Or don’t use a towel. Chuck Norris wouldn’t.

6. Refill with your non-pricey, non-deadly cleaner: half vinegar, half water.

Let me see your happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I don’t buy those Swiffer pads, either. Reusable microfiber cloth saves the day:

Do you clean with vinegar?

It has at least 10 million uses. Dirty shower? Vinegar. Baked on food? Vinegar. Clogged drain? Vinegar. Stained carpet?  You see where I’m going…..

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