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November 15, 2011 / makingitmamastyle

Ain’t No Thang but a Chicken Wang

Is your husband as studly as mine? Seriously, check him out– he’s smokin’ hot:

(The one on the right.  The other one is my brother, so that’d be odd.)

Speaking of smoking and brothers, the men in my family seriously know their way around the kitchen.

Wait. That’s a lie.

The men in my family know their way around the smoker.

Side story: Andrew offered to make breakfast for Livy a while back and of course she requested oatmeal, her fave. From upstairs, I heard “Noooo, that’s not how Mommy makes it!”  I continued what I was doing, certain instant oatmeal was fail-proof and the situation would remedy itself. Well, the next five minutes became quite a debacle as Livy continually refused to eat and Andrew relentlessly begged her to take a bite. 

I eventually plodded downstairs to find her bowl full of, wait for it…

uncooked oats in warm water

Yes, Andrew microwaved a bowl of water and then added the raw oats, gave it a stir and served. I can’t blame her disappointed reaction:

Where was I?  Oh yes, the men in my family are seriously good at smoking meat. Andrew whipped up some chicken wings for us since the weather was, oh, 70 degrees?!? Clearly it would be a tragedy to pass the day without some smokin’ action.

 He’s the best.

Seriously, look at that finesse! It’s all in the wrist…

A little time in the smoker, a little time on the grill

Then, the true test:

ooohhhh yah, finger-lickin’ good.

Do you like wings?

I like the taste, but I don’t like how messy they are. I feel like I have to hurry up and eat so I can do something else. I guess I’m too much of a multi-tasker– wings cramp my style!


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