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November 7, 2011 / makingitmamastyle

Before the Sun Rose O’er the Plains

When Andrew was in L.A. for a week, I found myself waking very early each day.  On one such occasion, I decided it would be a great idea to cook away the wee morning hours.

I’ve had my eye on this recipe for quite awhile and it just couldn’t wait any longer.  It had to be done.  Immediately.  I mean, it was sensory overload just thinking about it. The sweet scent, crunchy and chewy texture, delicious flavor… ok, ok, I’ll get on with it. What was the dish that had me heating up my oven before the sun rose o’er the plains?

Pumpkin Granola.

Ugh, I die!!!  So, so good.

The recipe I followed uses applesauce, maple syrup, and pumpkin to keep the oats together– no need for butter or oil! The traditional pumpkin pie spices used will seriously make you think there’s a pie in the oven while it’s baking. Oh, it smells so good.

It’s such a simple process. Mix the ingredients, spread in a pan and bake.  That’s it!

After baking, mix in dried cranberries, nuts, seeds, etc. I just went with cranberries because it’s all I had on hand.

No one can keep their hands out of this! Ryan munches on it all the time. Livy loves it with Greek yogurt. It’s the perfect pick-me-up cereal with a splash of cold milk and steaming cup of coffee. 

I can’t wait to try a few variations. Apple Granola? Cherry Almond Granola?


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  1. Su mama / Nov 7 2011 5:06 pm

    I’d love the re ipe. I’ll cook some up for me and mop and pop!

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