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October 25, 2011 / makingitmamastyle

YOU Can Help!

Today’s post is going to be a bit different than usual.  It’s not light-hearted and it’s not humerous, but it is about a beautiful family who could use our help. Written in this post is a call to action for each of us.  If you are ok with that, I want you to keep reading.  It might be the most important thing you do today.

Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.” — Nikos Kazantzakis

Having gone to a Catholic high school, our school had a full-time campus minister whose purpose was to foster religious life for the students. Her name was Ms. Harman and I recall her as being young, fun, full of life and happy.  Oh, and she loved Jesus.  Ms. Harman led our religion classes in many meditations and I remember at the time thinking they were rather amusing, but always a welcome break from the daily grind.  We were told to relax every muscle in our body. She would guide us to start at the top of our head and relax all the way down to our toes.  We would “feel the weight of our feet on the floor, the pull of our bodies toward the ground as we allowed gravity to have its way with our muscles.”

Being a teenager, this seemed uncomfortable sometimes, but I can tell you that as an adult, I have used her calming techniques countless times. When desperately trying to nurse Ryan, but having little success with let-down, I would cradle him in our rocking chair and think back to her guided meditations, intentionally relaxing each muscle, one by one, until I was completely at ease and milk would begin to flow, nourishing the newborn in my arms.

I have found myself in anxious situations in which I replay Ms. Harman’s words in my mind as I let all other thoughts go. I’m able to reflect on God and who He is, letting Him envelope my soul and grant the peace that only He can provide.

As you can see, Ms. Harman wasn’t just my high school religion teacher. As the quote at the beginning of this post describes, Ms. Harman was a teacher who built a bridge for me, held my hand as I crossed, and sent me to the other side, equipped with a fantastic tool to use when life throws me curve-balls.

Ms. Harman welcomed her 4th baby into the world on October 8, 2011.  Baby Adam was considered a healthy, term baby who was ready to meet the world until unexpected complications arose during labor. You see, Adam’s heart stopped beating for 9 minutes before he was born. On top of that, meconium (waste material in the uterus) made its way into Adam’s lung, later causing an infection.

Sweet Adam was on 100% ventalation for his first week of life. Despite a grim prognosis, Adam miraculously started needing less and less oxygen. He was extubated last Thursday and his mama got to hear his sweet little voice for the first time. She emailed that “it was like bells from Heaven.” He did need to be intubated again the following day, but they are told it’s often two steps forward and one step back in situations like this.  All in all, he’s continuing to make great strides. Adam had an MRI done last week to scan his brain and the test came back showing no major, structural brain damage.  (Yessss!!)

It is unknown what developmental delays Adam may face, but the family is very positive and thankful for the miraculous recovery Adam has had thus far.

(By the way, Adam has 3 year old twin sisters and a 6 year old big brother who can’t wait to have him, mommy and daddy home with them.)

As you can imagine, the expense associated with a NICU stay is mountainous. It is not yet known when Adam will get to go home and the medical bills, food, lodging, time off work, care for the kids, everything adds up.  In an effort to help the Harmans focus on Adam’s recovery and not on financial stressors, we are selling trash bags as a fundraiser for the family.

The trash bag sizes are 18 gallon (white), 39 gallon (yellow) and 55 gallon (black). All trash bags are $10/roll. If you’d like to place an order or make a donation to the Harman family, please email  If you aren’t able to commit financially, I urge you to commit to praying for Adam, his family, and his medical team.

Adam has already had a transformative influence on so many lives. Pray for his continued recovery and the continued strength of the Harman family.  What a sweet, sweet blessing he is.


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