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February 8, 2011 / makingitmamastyle

Blueberries, Marshpillows and Dancing with Jesus

Our family is grieving the loss of a special man this week.

Andrew’s Grandpa Joe left us on February 7th after several hard years of ups and downs in the nursing home. For us, there is a sudden sense of emptiness, but for him, there must be more fulfillment than ever before. Grandpa Joe was welcomed into paradise by his wife and three sons, one of whom is Livy’s Grandpa.

Livy knows that Andrew’s Dad’s name was Barry and until recently, she referred to him as “Grandpa Blueberry”. The girl has a special way with words.  In her world marshmallows are actually “marshpillows”, she renamed our dog Zoey as “Yosie”, and my nephew Kaleb will forever be called “Kobber”. You know what, though? I like her way better. You really can’t use Livy-Speak without smiling a little.

I wasn’t sure how to approach the subject of Grandpa Joe with her. I was avoiding it this morning when she spotted the car Andrew brought home for her from Grandpa Joe’s room.  See, Grandpa loved to collect trinkets during his years at the nursing home and his Bingo winnings were prized possessions. His shelves were full of his treasures and Livy was equally in love with them.

Grandpa Joe had a certain car that Livy played with every time she visited. Though he may not have had many words, there was always an unmistakable twinkle in his eyes as he watched her zoom the car across the floor.

Here is Livy playing with the special car– driving it up Ryan’s leg…

and over his face (naturally).

So, today when she spotted the car on the counter, she immediately wanted to know why it was at our house.

“The car belongs at Grandpa Joe’s house! Can we take it back to him after nap?” she begged.

I sat down with her to explain that Grandpa Joe wasn’t at his house anymore and had gone to live with Jesus. I wasn’t sure how she would respond to this and certainly didn’t know how to answer any questions I thought she might ask.

I should have known my girl would understand more fully than even I do. Her response was so sweet and so true.

“Ooohh” she said. “He went to Daddy’s Daddy’s house??”

Andrew’s father passed away when he was twelve and Livy has been asking about him lately.

“Yes”, I replied. “He’s living with Grandpa Barry in Heaven now.”

“Is he walking and talking with Jesus?  and dancing?! and making cookies with him in his great big, huge kitchen?!?

Her excitement was mounting at the thought of endless opportunities Grandpa Joe now has.

“You know what, Livy? I bet he is!”  I exclaimed.

“I wish I could go there, Mom”, she concluded with happiness.

Someday, my sweet girl.

We’ll see the whole family there.



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