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February 4, 2011 / makingitmamastyle

Somebody’s Having a Baby!

and it’s not me!

Thank goodness.

My friends Bevin and Schmer (Bevin and Mike Schmer, that is) are having a baby girl in March and I was asked to make cookies and cupcakes for the shower this weekend. I went with the classic stork theme and think Bevin will like the results– though she is not a fan of pink. Hey, I gotta do what the boss tells me and in this case, the boss was Mama Schmer (Mike’s mom). Mama Schmer wanted some pink on those cookies!

When making cookies, the first step to success is a good (possibly a little crazed) helper. See exhibit A:

In reality, Livy only gets to help make the cookies I do for fun or for practice, so she didn’t actually get in on the action of these stork cookies. I just couldn’t resist adding in the adorable photo.

Where was I?  Oh yes. The order of business: make dough, chill dough, roll dough, cut dough, bake dough, wait as the dough magically transforms in the oven, cool cookies, decorate cookies, bag cookies, tie bags.

Start with this:

A few steps in between and soon the drawing begins:

Add a bit of color:

and wah-lah! Done!

I hope you like them, Bevin! Little Jillian is so fortunate to have you. You will be an exceptionally great mama! Can’t wait to meet the little love bundle and yes, I still maintain that arranged marriages are perfectly acceptable. How does Jillian Clifton sound?


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