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October 21, 2010 / makingitmamastyle

So, You Love Brussel Sprouts, Eh?

OK, so maybe you don’t love brussel sprouts. Maybe you even (gasp) hate them! But, promise me that before you go off on any brussel-hating rampage, you’ll try them this way:

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Hot, crispy, and totally popable.

Oven: 425

Cut the base off the sprouts and then chop them in half, drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle with garlic salt and roast for about 30 minutes. You can stir them half way through. Roast till they are crispy and delicious.

Livy liked them! She didn’t love them, but she did eat a few.

Open Face Turkey Sammie

This is one of those comfort food meals that just can’t be avoided. It’s very white. Yes. It’s rather processed. Yes. It’s really good. Yes!

First, make mashed potatoes. Of course you know that the smaller the potato wedges, the faster they’ll cook. Chop them up, boil away, then mash.

Toss in a little butter, salt and pepper, and fat free half and half or milk.

Cook the turkey. I suggest using a turkey breast and baking it in the oven, but I had these cutlets in the fridge.

Don’t write me off because of what I’m about to tell you.


I used gravy… from a jar!

aaahhh!  I know, it wasn’t good, but it was all I had for this last minute meal. (Don’t ask why I had it in the first place.)  If you can make your own, please, please do. Otherwise, pop open a jar and say a little prayer.

Layer it all on a piece of wholesome white bread.

While eating, try not to reminisce too much about your 3rd grade cafeteria lady.



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