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August 24, 2010 / makingitmamastyle

First Day of School

Livy started preschool this year and I’ve seldom seen her so excited! She managed to scratch her eye the day before the first day, so it’s a bit red and slightly swollen in the pictures.  Her teachers are Ms Susie and Ms Ellen. She’s in love!

Waiting on the windowsill until it’s time to leave. I explained countless times that I was driving her to school, but she sat on lookout for the bus all morning, anyway…

When I was finally able to convince her that the bus wasn’t coming (but promised she’d be able to ride it when she turned 5 and may or may not have bribed with a few goldfish crackers), we walked outside and took a few more pictures.

We made it to school, where she found her basket for her backpack and headed into the classroom.

Her first find, of course, was the vacuum.

Then she met her new friends Ben and Hollie

Clearly she didn’t need me with all of this fun! I wanted to say goodbye, but she was already enthralled with everything and I didn’t want to get her distracted.  I left quietly without a hug (tear!).  She had a GREAT first day!


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