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August 14, 2010 / makingitmamastyle

“Blue Baby” Turns 6!

After attending 4 birthday parties this summer and getting 2 more invites just this week, Livy has been absolutely dying to have a birthday party of her own.  Since her birthday isn’t until December 28th and I already feel guilty enough about that, we had a birthday party for her “Blue Baby”.

Have you ever seen an excited 2 year old?  I mean, a really excited 2 year old?  I thought I had plenty of times… until now. The girl was absolutely bouncing off the walls in anticipation!

Livy picked out what we would have for lunch and we invited Memac, Grandma, and Aunt Jen to come over (she was able to come on her lunch break since she works about a block away from our house). I dug out the party decorations from her 2nd birthday and we made over the house, Abby Cadabby style. Livy put the sprinkles on the cupcakes and set the table for her babies. All was ready when the doorbell rang at 11am!

The guests even brought presents for Blue Baby, which of course Livy needed to help her open– she got stickers, coloring books, a diaper bag, baby blankets, a flute, slinky, and fingernail polish! Her very favorite gift, however, was a disposable camera and empty photo album.  Livy got to snap pictures of her special day and when we get them developed, they’ll go in the specially decorated “birthday album” from Grandma.

Livy set the table for her babies- an idea she had all on her own:

She creatively shook sprinkles on each cupcake:

We set the table with decorations leftover from her 2nd birthday party:

She requested “rollers”, celery with peanut butter, and cheetos for lunch:

Soon-t0-be Aunt Jen came over on her lunch break! (Blue Baby is beside her.)

Memac and Grandma made the day a success:

It took her a long time to fall asleep for nap after all this, but once she did, she slept for 4 hours!


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