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May 26, 2010 / makingitmamastyle

Somedays You’re the Windshield…

Somedays You’re the Bug.

Whew, what a week it’s been and it’s only Wednesday!

I taught myself a valuable lesson today when I was letting myself get bogged down in all the bad stuff happening and forgetting the everyday blessings!

Monday I woke up without a voice.  No big deal, except Livy woke up last week without a voice and then proceeded to have a 102 degree fever for 4 days.  I was concerned that would be my fate, as well, but thankfully no fever has come. I sure haven’t felt great, but I’ll take this compared to what she had. 

Because I was sure I was coming down with something terrible, I went into a quick “nesting mode” and felt everything needed to be clean and in order before I went down for the count.  This meant that Monday morning I steam cleaned our carpet, did laundry, scrubbed the kitchen and bathed the girl. (Yes, “bathing Livy” comes during my nesting moments. Andrew is kind enough to do this for me lately because it’s really not fun to lean over the bathtub with a bowling ball inhibiting my reach!)

Then, as though that wasn’t enough, I mowed the yard.  Of course this couldn’t have gone smoothly and I got a nasty burn on my leg from the lawn mower. I’ll spare you the details, just believe me, it still hurts and is sure to leave a lovely scar.

Deciding I should make enough dinner to have leftovers through the week, I made lasagna. This was already on my meal plan, but I was originally supposed to take half to a friend. Because of my impending doom, those plans changed. During the course of cooking, I cut my thumb.  Geez!

Oh, and let’s not forget I cleaned out our breezeway which included lots of sweeping and bagging leaves before Andrew got home at 8:30.

Tuesday I woke up and couldn’t move.  Really, I was so sore from Monday’s festivities that I couldn’t sit up! A hot shower loosened me up a bit and I went on with the day, though unpleasantly.

Today, 6:15am, doorbell rings.  Police. 

There was a string of car burglaries on our street overnight and our car doors were wide open.  Andrew checked and realized he was missing checkbooks and his personalized Oakley sunglasses, a gift from one of his teams.

Checks?  Seriously?  Pardon me, but CRAP!!

8:10 am, doorbell rings again.  Police. They caught the guy and had our checks! Turns out, it was an old account that had been closed years ago, but it still could have caused us identity theft issues down the road. 

9:15 am, doorbell rings yet again. You guessed it: Police.  Sunglasses returned! Oh thank goodness the Oakley’s are back in our possession!  

I had myself all worked up over the unfortunate events of the last few days (me, worked up?! nah…).  I failed to remember the perfect prenatal checkup baby and I had, Andrew’s very successful workday, the fact that all of our missing items were returned and the fun trip to the zoo Livy and I had on the schedule. I also forgot to be thankful that Livy spent the day with Grandma yesterday so I could rest my sore muscles.  

When refocusing on the good, I was able to turn my frown upside down and have a great, fun day with Liv!


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