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May 22, 2010 / makingitmamastyle

Hey, Mama!

I always know when Livy starts a sentence with “Hey, Mama!” that I should prepare myself for yet another “good idea” on her part.

Example 1:  Last week sometime, while driving home from visiting Daddy at work, Livy suddenly perks up from the back seat: 

“Hey, Mama! I gotta good idea… I’m gonna toot!”

and, as you know if you follow my facebook statuses, she did just as she said she would.  A friend of mine told me I should be happy to know she’ll always follow-through.    

Example 2:  Today the temperatures reached 86 degrees (WAHOOOO!).  Our pool has been open for several weeks, but it has been so cold and dreary that swimming was the last thing on anyone’s mind. Summer came overnight!  The water was still freezing, but Andrew told Livy she could stick her feet in the pool.  There they sat, side by side, feet dangling in the freezing water, having the best time.

Next thing I know, Livy is getting to stand on the first step.  After that, I realize Andrew has taken off her shorts to keep them dry.  Then, the pull-up has been removed  (to spare the pool from decomposed diaper) and Livy is venturing to the 2nd step.  Having the time of her life.  Freezing.

“Livy, are you cold?”  I prod.


This is a clear sign to me that she is, in fact freezing, but is choosing to exercise her fifth amendment right.

Andrew asks me to sit with Livy for a while, so I take my spot on the edge of the pool and hang on to the bubble blowing, feet kicking, ball throwing, teeth chattering Livy.

We chat.
We hang.

Then Livy’s genius strikes again:

“Hey, Mama!  I gotta good idea!  I’m gonna peepee in the pool!”
“NO, Livy!  Peepee is only for the potty!” 
“Oh, Mama, it’s warm!!”

…Well, at least this time I can be happy my girl is resourceful.

And for the record, I think we all know just who it is she gets these “good ideas” from:


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